Why should Accountants partner with an Asset Finance Broker?

When businesses are looking for finance, their immediate reaction is to go to their bank in many cases. However, banks are generally slow, ask for way too much information, and rarely have little understanding of business and how it operates. Furthermore, once the finance commences, they offer no support in managing the contract. In other situations, customers use the dealer finance option to provide the finance, whose primary focus is to help sell the asset, not offer tailored finance solutions or long term support to the customer.

This is where the role of the Asset Finance Broker steps in! Professional asset finance brokers first listen to the customer’s needs and then find the best solution from the myriad of financing options, saving them time, money and ensuring they have access to the best products available. Then, once the finance commences, brokers help clients manage their finance contracts for the life of the term.

For this reason, many accountants partner with Asset Finance brokers to ensure their customers receive more personalised service & financial solutions with the best interest of the customer in mind. Further to this, with the Accountant and broker sharing required information behind the scenes, the Client does not need to run around requesting and collating documents for finance approval.

Therefore, the partnership between Accountant & Broker results in the Client accessing better finance solutions with significantly less effort from the Client. The broker can also provide all the required documents to the accountants, streamlining the bookkeeping and accounting for the Client’s asset purchase.

At Equipfin, we offer high-value solutions; there is more to finance than simply asking about the interest rate.  We take the time to ask the Client the right questions to gauge an understanding of their car and equipment finance needs.

Equipfin offers a finance partner program to Accountants to provide their clients with specialised car and equipment finance solutions. There are many advantages of the program:

  • Save clients time & money from shopping around for finance options
  • Educate customers on what they need to consider before entering into finance contracts
  • Structured finance solutions to meet a variety of needs
  • Access to discounted interest rates
  • Dedicated Client Service Officer
  • Equipfin provides all the tax-related finance documentation to the Accountant.

If you would like to learn more about the advantages of finance partnering with the Equipfin team, call on 1300 959 144 to discuss supporting your business in 2021.

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