Partner Programs

Are you an Accountant, Mortgage Broker, Financial Planner or Equipment supplier looking for a trusted Car & Equipment finance partner to provide solutions for your clients?

Almost everyone requires finance at some point in their life. For businesses, Finance is the life blood that enables growth.

So for many businesses like Equipment Suppliers, Accountants, Financial Planners & Mortgage Brokers, having a professional partnership with an equipment finance specialist can be the difference between winning and losing a customer.

For Equipment Suppliers, Finance is a crucial part of the sales process. Used wisely, finance will not only increase sales volume, but margins as well. Equipfin will provide not only solutions to your customers, but provide training to suppliers so they can use finance effectively to increase sales.

For Accountants & Financial Planners, a partnership with Equipfin will save your clients time & money, not to mention provide invaluable guidance to navigate through the minefield of finance options. In addition, by working collaboratively, we can share documentation that simplifies each others jobs when it comes to clients finance arrangements.

For Mortgage Brokers, while in many cases it is possible to process your own asset finance enquiries, this can often be a cumbersome process in which you lack the confidence or desire, as its not your specialist finance field. By partnering with Equipfin, you can rest easy that your client is in the hands of an experience professional, and further more earn commission for only doing a fraction of the work.

Call us today on 1300 959 144 to discuss a tailored finance partnership to meet your business and client needs.

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