Will your business require additional working capital over the Christmas and New Year period?

For some businesses, the holiday period can cause a bit of a strain on their working capital as they close down however bills, rent and staff wages all still need to be paid while there is little to no revenue coming in.

Another thing may be that they need to outlay more capital to increase their stock levels to ensure they are covered through this period when couriers and transport companies are in high demand and may not be available to provide their goods in a normal time frame.

An unsecured Business Loan, Line of Credit or Overdraft Facility may be an option for these businesses to consider, to help them cover costs through this period or even to assist in growing their business throughout the year.

These facilities can be approved and funds available in 24 hours while also have the added benefit of little to no early termination costs to them.

If you’d like to find out more or would like to apply for an unsecured business loan, line of credit or overdraft facility to assist with your cash flow, contact the Equipfin team today on 1300 959 144.

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