Doing what the Banks Can’t Do

One of our Accountant referral partners in Melbourne contacted us to see if we could assist his client, who was trying to access finance for his new $100,000 piece of manufacturing equipment. After weeks of discussions & tonnes of paperwork given to his bank, he was getting nowhere and needed to secure finance to purchase the equipment.

After speaking with the client and gaining an understanding of his business profile, we submitted his application with Pepper Financial Services, who had a credit policy that provided a quick & seamless solution at a very competitive rate.

After his bank failed to deliver after wasting weeks and a mountain of paperwork, Equipfin delivered an approval within 48 hours with minimal paperwork, enabling him to place the order for his equipment.

Every finance company and bank has varying credit policies and requirements. After years of dealing with the financiers and understanding their polices, and building relationships with people we can talk to, Equipfin will quickly find the best solution to fit your requirement saving you time, money & a mountain of effort.

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