Closed a deal for our referrer!

One of our Software Sales referral partners contacted us recently as he was about to lose a sale because the clients bank would not finance software. The client was buying an $80,000 industrial machine and the software was critical to the operation of the machine. The finance of the software was not only crucial to our referrer, but even more so to the client.

On speaking with the client and understanding his credit profile and requirements, we were able to gain an approval for the software within 48 hours. Furthermore, when reviewing his requirements for the finance of the equipment, we were able to provide a finance solution with significantly less hurdles than his bank.

This scenario illustrates how critical it is for equipment & software companies to have a strong relationship with an asset finance broker. Our ability to source the finance, not only closed a sale that he may have otherwise lost, but also added value to his customer by helping the client solve a problem.

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